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Custom Cakes

Let Mia's Bakery handle all of your events!

Four Inch Cake

Serves 3-4 people
Starts at $17

Six Inch Cake

Serves 6-8 people

Starts at $30

Seven Inch Cake

Serves 8-10 people
Starts at $35

Eight Inch Cake

Serves 10-12 people
Starts at $40

Nine Inch Cake

Serves 12-15

Starts at $45

Ten Inch Cake

Serves 16-18 people 
Starts at $50

Quarter Sheet Cake

Serves 20-25 people
Starts at $60

Half Sheet Cake

Serves 50-60 people
Starts at $75

Full Sheet Cake

Serves 100-120 people

Starts at $150

Tres Leche Cake

Small (4 slices): 

$15 Caramel 

$17 Fruit

Medium (6-8 slices):

$20 Caramel 

$30 Fruit

Large (25-30 slices): 

$40 Caramel 

$50 Fruit 


Small Tray (24 pieces) 
Large Tray (45 pieces) 

Specialty Cakes

Gluten Free Cakes

Price Depends on Order

Gluten free vanilla or chocolate only​.

Edible Images:

Additional $15 Fee



Do you still do fondant cakes? Mia's Bakery has officially discontinued fondant style cakes

How much notice time do I need to place an order? Please give us at least 1 week noticed time for simple cake orders and additional 2+ weeks for cakes with intricate designs. 

Do we deliver cakes? No. We only deliver wedding cakes and sweet tables.

Mia's Cake Flavors

Cake Flavors

-Vanilla -Chocolate

-Strawberry -Red Velvet 

-Lemon -Marble 

-Carrot -Cherry Chip

-White -Funfetti 

Filling Flavors

-White & Chocolate Buttercream 

-Cream Cheese


-Whipped Cream -Chocolate Mousse

-Custard -Cannoli

-Jam filling -Fresh Fruit

-Mint -Strawberry Buttercream 

Frosting Options


-Chocolate Mousse

-White or Chocolate Buttercream 

Customer Favorites

-Raspberry Lemon 



-Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

-Strawberry Shortcake 

-Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse

-Black Forest 

-Boston Cream 

-German Chocolate 


Wedding Tasting Appointment

We offer complimentary cake tasting appointments. Please choose from 3 free cake flavors and fillings from our flavor list. Additional tasting flavors are $4.50 each. 
Contact a manager today for availability. 

Decorated Cake with Flowers
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